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The 3 Things You Need to Check with Your Nail Salon
Here are 3 things you should never compromise when looking for a nail salon.
Brazilian Botox, Brazilian Blowout, Rebond: What’s the difference?
There are so many hair treatment options out there, but which one should you go for?
What is Hair Rebonding?
Hair rebonding needs no introduction. It is a very popular straightening treatment in the Philippines, and its popularity hasn’t wavered since it was introduced over a decade ago.
What is a Brazilian Blowout?
Brazilian Blowout, also known as Brazilian Keratin treatment is a hair straightening and hair smoothening treatment quite popular in the Philippines, for a very good reason.
What is a Brazilian Hair Botox?
There are so many new hair treatments lately, and one that has been gaining popularity is the Brazilian Botox.
How to Order at JuanPlace.com
You can now have your favorite JuanPlace food and drinks delivered to your doorstep.
Know Your Coffee: Espresso vs. Latte vs. Mocha
With the plethora of options offered by most coffee shops in Cebu, it’s normal to be confused. So we prepared a quick guide for you.